With its varied interior geography and long Dalmatian coast, Croatia offers some of the best adventure travel in Europe.

The best adventure travel in Croatia involves the Adriatic Sea, which runs along Croatia’s west coast. Sailing vacations are popular for those wanting to try their hand at crewing a yacht, and motor boat and flotilla rentals in Croatia are also popular choices for adventure holidays.

Other water activities are also good choices for those wanting to participate in adrenaline sports in Croatia. With a range of options including rafting, sea kayaking, canoeing, water skiing, and more, adrenaline sports are hugely popular in Croatia.

Rock jumping is another popular activity. High rock cliffs above deep water make for some adrenaline-induced fun on the Dalmatian coast.

Further inland and on the islands, Croatia adventure travel opportunities can be found in the form of hiking and trekking. Just make sure to stay on well-marked paths, as some mountain areas of Croatia are still dotted with landmines.

There’s also white water rafting to be done on the rivers in Croatia, making for another one of the best adventure travel opportunities the country has to offer.