Harbor in Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Harbor

The best way to visit Croatia is on a sailing vacation along the coast and through some of the Croatian islands.

From Dubrovnik in the south to Split and Zadar in the center and Rijeka in the north, Croatia has many port cities that are perfect for visiting on a sailing trip.

And don’t forget the islands.

From Hvar and Kortula in the south to the myriad islands north of Split, sailing vacations in Croatia are the perfect way to experience the islands without having to wait for ferries.

Croatia sailing trips are easy to book. Options usually take the form of a bare boat rental where you crew and sail the boat on your own, or hiring a boat with a crew to sail for you.

Sailing vacations in Croatia are usually booked by the week. Some tour operators and booking agents are willing to be flexible if you want to travel for a shorter period of time, though. This is particularly true in the off-season.