Chocolate in Brussels
Chocolate Shop in Brussels

Belgium is famous for chocolate. It’s hard to walk down the street in the capital without coming across at least one shop selling cocoa-inspired confections. But why let the chocolatiers have all the fun creating them? A number of top chocolate shops in Belgium offer chocolate making classes in Brussels, allowing visitors to get their hands dirty and their stomachs full. Here are a few of the best:

Laurent Gerbaud
A great place to start is Laurent Gerbaud’s chocolate classes. His store and workshop are located near the central train station in Brussels, making it a convenient place to attend a course.

Classes start with an introduction to chocolate and then either a truffle making class and tasting, or a mendiant making class where participants can make chocolates with dried fruits and nuts on top. After the workshops, there is more time for tasting and a short lecture on pairing wine and chocolate.

Another place to attend chocolate making classes in Brussels is Mary. The feminine artisan chocolatier offers workshops that include guided visits of the production facility that showcase the business and history of both Mary and chocolate itself.

Following the tour, participants can try their hand at making pralines or just do a tasting. More information can be found here.

Zaabar is another good place for chocolate classes. Their chocolate school in Brussels offers a wide range of workshops and events, including a 1-hour class where participants can learn to make truffles, chocolate bouchees, and spiced chocolate bars.

They also offer classes for children, which are great for families visiting Belgium. For adults, they have classes that involve wine, food, and chocolate making. You can learn more about Zaabar’s chocolate making classes in Brussels here.