Taking a train from Grenoble to Paris is an easy way to get from the base of the Alps to the capital when you are traveling in France.

Rail services on this route are operated by the French national rail company, SNCF. Their trains leave from the Grenoble train station and arrive at the Paris Gare de Lyon train station in the center of the city. The station is connected to the metro and other forms of onward transportation.

Trains depart Grenoble two times an hour or less at peak periods throughout the day.

Some trains from Grenoble to Paris are direct high-speed TGVs. Other services require changes in places like Lyon and Valence en route.

The total journey time between these cities ranges from 3 hours on direct services to 3 hours and 40 minutes or more on services that have connections.

Ticket fares for trains from Grenoble to Paris depend on what time the train departs. Prices start at 25.00 euros one-way in second class and 40.00 euros one-way in first class. The cheapest fares are offered for advance bookings on direct trains.