Trains from Munich airport to Salzburg are a great way to get between Munich’s main transport hub and your final destination in Austria.

Munich airport is located just 180 kilometres (120 miles) from Salzburg, which makes for an easy train journey.

Trains from Munich airport to Salzburg depart from the airport train station and arrive at the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof (main train station), which is connected to all forms of onward public transportation and taxis.

All trains require a change at Munich Ost train station en route. From the airport, you can take a local S-Bahn train to Ost station, where you can change to an intercity train for the rest of your journey.

Trains run up to twice an hour and take from 2 hours and 25 minutes to 2 hours and 38 minutes to reach Salzburg.

Tickets for trains from Munich airport to Salzburg cost from 19 euros for second class and 33 euros for first class if you book online in advance and take advantage of special Savings Fares. Otherwise standard fares are more expensive.