If you need to travel from Germany to Austria, taking the train from Munich to Vienna is a good way to go.

Deutsche Bahn trains run up to twice an hour throughout the day, with direct services leaving once every other hour. All others require a change en route at stations like Plattling, Kufstein, and Salzburg.

Trains depart from the Munich Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and arrive at the Vienna Westbahnhof. Both are centrally located and well served by public transportation and taxis.

The journey time on trains from Munich to Vienna ranges from 3 hours and 57 minutes on direct RailJet trains to 4 hours and 42 minutes on trains that require connections on the way.

The cost of tickets for trains from Munich to Vienna varies by time and date. Tickets can cost from 59.00 euros for singles in first class and 29.00 euros for singles in second class if you buy train tickets online in advance. Otherwise standard fares can be up to 147.20 euros in first class and 89.20 euros in second class.