Trains from Munich to Zurich are a good alternative to flying from Germany to Switzerland when you are visiting Europe.

Rail services on this route depart daily from the Munich Hauptbahnhof, or main train station, and arrive at the Zurich Hauptbahnhof. Both are easily accessible by all forms of public transportation.

Trains between these cities depart up to three times an hour, so it is easy to travel whenever you need to.

All trains from Munich to Zurich require one or more changes on the way. The total travel time, including the connections, ranges from 4 hours and 27 minutes to 5 hours and 49 minutes. Services with fewer connections are not always faster than services with more.

Single ticket fares on trains from Munich to Zurich can be as low as 39.00 euros in second class and 49.00 euros in first class if you buy your train ticket online in advance and get special Savings Fares. Otherwise standard fares can be up to 90.50 euros in second class and 155.20 euros in first class.