Train in Ansbach Germany
Ansbach Train Station

Taking the train from Frankfurt to Ansbach is a great way to travel to Bavaria when you are visiting Germany.

Trains on this route are run by Deutsche Bahn. They are a mix of fast InterCity Express (ICE) trains and regional Regionalbahn (RB) trains. Departures take place up to twice an hour.

There are no direct trains between the two cities, so you will have to change en route at Wurzburg. The travel time on trains from Frankfurt to Ansbach ranges from 2 hours and 18 minutes to 3 hours and 14 minutes. Longer journey times are usually due to longer connections at Wurzburg.

Ticket prices for trains from Frankfurt to Ansbach vary depending on when you purchase them and what your departure time is. The farther in advance you buy your tickets, the less expensive they will be. You can buy them online starting at 49 euros for first class and 19 euros for second class, or at the station on the day of departure for around 79 euros for first class and 49 euros for second class.

If you buy them at the station, you can either pay at the ticket counter or at an automatic ticket kiosk. Either way, remember to stamp your ticket in the yellow machines on the platforms before boarding. This will time stamp it and ensure that you will not be fined when your ticket is checked on board the train from Frankfurt to Ansbach.