Buildings in Alba

There is not just one way to get to Alba from various locations around Italy. Getting to Alba from Milan, Turin or Genoa (Genova) can be easily done via several modes of transportation.

Whether you choose to take a train to Alba or drive there, the route is fairly straightforward. As such, the best way to get to Alba is to choose which method is best for you based on your starting point in Italy. Several options are detailed below.

Train or Drive from Turin – Turin is the closest major city to Alba, so driving or taking the train from Turin to Alba is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to travel.

Train or Drive from Milan – Milan is a good starting point, especially if you are arriving in Italy on a transcontinental flight. Alba is accessible by car from Milan’s major airports, and by train from the city’s main train station.

Train or Drive from Genoa – If you can get a cheap flight to Genoa on one of the many low cost airlines that fly there, it is a short drive to get to Alba. You can also take the train from one of the city’s railway stations, although this takes a bit longer.