Cinque Terre Trains

Taking the train in Cinque Terre is a good way to get between the five towns when you are visiting Italy.

Schedules appear on signs on the platforms, and are handed out when you purchase a Cinque Terre Card. Make sure to keep the schedule with you, as trains run infrequently on some days.

In general, trains heading north arrive at platform 2, while trains heading south arrive at platform 1.

Announcements are made in both Italian and English prior to each train’s arrival and departure, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t speak Italian.

Cinque Terre Train Ticket Validation

Always validate your train ticket before traveling by train in Cinque Terre. If you have a Cinque Terre Card, you only need to validate it on the day you buy it. Validation can be done by sticking the ticket or Cinque Terre Card into the yellow box by the train platform. The ticket will be stamped with a station name, time and date.