Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

To get from Genoa airport (GOA) to Cinque Terre, the best option is to take the train. Parking is very difficult in Cinque Terre, so driving is not advisable.

To take the train to Cinque Terre, first take a taxi or Volabus coach from the airport to Genoa Piazza Principe train station. Buses run every 25 to 60 minutes, and tickets cost 6 euros. The trip takes 30 minutes to reach the train station.

Taxis cost 7 euros per person (minimum of 3 people) plus a 1 euro surcharge if you travel at night or on a Sunday. The trip takes 15 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic.

Once at Piazza Principe station, take a train from Genoa to Levanto. This takes around 1.5 hours, depending on departure times and delays, which are common.

Several types of trains make this trip, including regional trains and InterCity trains. Tickets vary in price, and cost 8.50 euros in second class and 11.00 euros in first class on InterCity trains. Fares are slightly lower on regional trains.

From Levanto station, there are local train connections to the five towns of Cinque Terre. The journey takes 10 minutes or longer, depending on which of the five towns is your final destination. You can purchase a Cinque Terre Card at the Levanto train station and use it to pay for the final leg of your journey. If you don’t, tickets are more expensive.

The total trip from Genoa airport to Cinque Terre takes around 2.5 hours, depending on transfer times and train schedules.