Hotel Danieli in Venice
Hotel Danieli

The best hotels in Venice range from opulent luxury hotels to small boutique accommodations. Whatever your preference, Venice has a hotel for every kind of traveler.

The top hotels in the city are ones that give the visitor the feeling that they are somewhere unique that could only be in Venice. As such, the following three properties are what I consider to be the best hotels in Venice.

Hotel Danieli
The Danieli is one of my favorite hotels in Venice. The great location on the Grand Canal, the stunning Gothic interior, and the beautiful guest rooms all make it one of the top luxury hotels in the city. If you stay there, don’t miss the chance to have drinks at the rooftop bar, which overlooks the best parts of Venice.

Hotel Gritti Palace
The Gritti Palace is another famous historic hotel in Venice. It is known for its spacious rooms, fine dining, and beautiful canal-front terrace.

Hotel Cipriani
The Cipriani is an institution in Venice. It is one of the most famous hotels in the city, and indeed one of the top luxury hotels in Italy. Secluded on a private island, it is the perfect place to stay if you want privacy, comfort, and excellent service.