Taking a bus is an inexpensive way to get from the Venice airport to the Venice city center.

From Marco Polo Airport, you can take bus number 5 or the express bus to the Piazzale Roma on the outskirts of the historic heart of Venice. The journey takes 20 minutes.

Once the bus drops you off at the Piazzale Roma, you can get a water bus from the adjacent water taxi station. It will take you to your final destination in the Venice city center.

The total cost of a bus from the Venice airport is 6 euros one-way or 11 euros round-trip. You can buy tickets at the ACTV / ATVO office in the arrivals area of the airport or from the driver on the bus. If you choose to do the latter, exact change is required.

If you want to get to Mestre or the Mestre train station, you can take bus 15 or the aerobus from the airport. It takes around 15 minutes and costs the same as the bus to Piazzale Roma.

You can also pay 12 euros and get a combination ticket for the city bus and the water bus. Additionally, travel cards for time periods ranging from 12 hours to 7 days are available for 18 to 50 euros.

Other ways to get from the Venice airport to the Venice city center include taking a water taxi and driving.