Lake Como
Lake Como from the Ferry

When visiting Lake Como, one of the best ways to see the lake is to take a ferry.

Ferries stop at all major towns on the lake, including favorites like Como, Bellagio, and Tremezzo (for Villa Carlotta).

There are several different kinds of Lake Como ferry services, including slow boats, express boats, and boats that only run on certain days and at certain times. Most boats run regularly throughout the day, and schedules can be picked up at any ferry ticket office.

Some ferry offices also have information desks where you can speak to a representative to get more information about departure times, arrival times, ticket prices, and other details.

Lake Como ferry prices depend on where you are going, but tickets cost around 5 to 10 euros each way. For services like the ferry from Como to Bellagio, you must buy one-way tickets each way if you take the express ferry. You must also pay a 1 euro surcharge if you purchase your Lake Como ferry ticket on board, so it is best to purchase tickets at the ticket office in advance.