Grand Canal in Venice

Taking a water taxi is the fastest way to get from the Venice airport to the Venice city center.

From Marco Polo Airport, you can walk or take a private car to the water taxi station. The walk takes around 5 to 10 minutes, and the private cars are usually part of the water taxi service.

Once at the station, you can get a water taxi to the city center. The total cost of the transfer from the Venice airport is around 100 euros for four to six people with one large bag per person. Each additional person costs 10 euros extra, and there is usually a 10-person limit.

Several companies offer water taxi services, most of which are called some variation of “Venice Water Taxis”. Prices vary depending on which company you choose. All of them allow you to make a booking online in advance, which is a good idea in the high season.

If you want a less expensive way to get from Venice airport to the Venice city center, try taking a bus or driving.