Traveling by train from Florence to Rome is a great way to get between two of Italy’s most famous cities when you are visiting Europe.

Trains between these cities run regularly from Florence Santa Maria Novella (SMN) and Rifredi train stations to Rome Termini train station.

There are three types of Trenitalia trains that travel on this route: Frecciargento trains, InterCity (IC) trains, and Regional trains. Frecciargento trains are the fastest but also the most expensive, while Regional trains are the slowest but cheapest trains from Florence to Rome. InterCity trains travel at an intermediate speed, and depart from Florence Rifredi train station.

Trains depart up to four times an hour at peak times, so it is easy to travel whenever you need to.

All trains on this route are direct, and the journey time ranges from 1 hour and 26 minutes on Frecciargento trains to 3 hours and 2 minutes on InterCity trains and 3 hours and 46 minutes on Regional trains.

The price of a single ticket depends on what kind of train you take. Tickets cost 43.00 euros in second class and 63.00 euros in first class on Frecciargento trains. They cost 31.50 euros in second class and 41.50 euros in first class on InterCity trains, and 19.25 euros in second class and 29.50 euros in first class on Regional trains.

You can buy tickets for trains from Florence to Rome online in advance or at the station before you board your train.