Taking the train from Milan to Paris can often be cheaper than flying. Going from city center to city center is also more convenient than getting to and from airports. While the overall journey might take a bit longer, it is a comfortable, scenic way to travel from Italy to France.

Trains on this route are a combination of EuroCity and Eurostar services. There are both day and night trains, and all but one direct overnight train require a connection on the way.

Rail services run from Milan Centrale train station to Paris Gare de Lyon train station. Both are centrally located and connected to public transportation.

The total travel time from Milan to Paris ranges from 7 hours and 24 minutes on trains that require changes to 9 hours and 52 minutes on direct overnight trains.

The cost of a one-way train ticket between these cities depends on the train(s) you take. For example, it costs 96.00 euros for a direct overnight train from Milan to Paris. You can buy train tickets online or at the station.