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If you don’t want to travel by train or plane, or if you would like to find the cheapest way of getting from Milan to Madrid, going by bus or coach is the best way make the trip from Italy to Spain.

Eurolines and the Baltour Group operate a joint bus service between these cities. Their fleet of coaches features large buses with luggage holds and comfortable seats.

Buses leave the Milan Lampugnano bus station for Madrid South bus station several times a week. Buses travel overnight, so make sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring earplugs if you are a light sleeper.

The bus ride from Milan to Madrid takes 29 hours or more depending on how the traffic situation is and what time your bus departs from Milan. Delays can occur, so make sure to take that into account if you need to connect to onward transportation when you arrive in Spain.

Bus tickets from Milan to Madrid can cost from 130 euros each way if you purchase them online before your trip. Discounts are often available, so you should check online before booking in order to get cheaper coach tickets.