Rimini Train Station
Rimini Train Station

Traveling by train from Rimini to Bologna is a great way to get around the Emilia-Romagna region while you are visiting Italy.

Trains between these cities generally depart two to three times an hour. Departure times vary, so you should consult the timetables in advance.

The journey time for trains from Rimini to Bologna is between 55 minutes and 2 hours and 35 minutes. The travel time ultimately depends on the kind of train you take. This is because there are three types of trains that run between the two cities: high-speed Frecciabianca trains, reasonably fast InterCity trains, and slower regional, or Regionale, trains.

Ticket prices for trains from Rimini to Bologna depend on the kind of train you take. Tickets for Frecciabianca trains can cost as little at 19 euros for first class if you book online in advance, but cost up to 25 euros if you do not. For second class tickets, you will pay 9 euros online ahead of time and 19.50 euros at the station.

Tickets for Intercity trains start at 9 euros for first class for advance online bookings and go up to 18 euros for purchases made at the station. Second class ticket prices start at 9 euros and increase to 13.50 euros for later bookings.

Train tickets for Regional services cost 15.40 euros for first class and 9.20 euros for second class, regardless of when and where you purchase them (they can only be bought online if the departure date is less than seven days in the future). Some regional trains do not offer a first class service.

Regardless of when and where you purchase your tickets, if you receive standard paper tickets you will need to stamp them in the yellow machines at the train station before you depart. This will mark the date and time on them, ensuring that you do not get fined when your ticket is checked on the train from Rimini to Bologna.