Taking the train from Amsterdam to Paris is a great way to get between these two major European cities.

A company called Thalys offers a high-speed rail connection on this route. Their trains are modern and comfortable, and offer amenities like on-board WiFi.

Trains depart from Amsterdam Centraal station and arrive at Paris Gare du Nord station. Both are centrally located and connected to extensive public transportation links.

Thalys trains from Amsterdam to Paris depart once every two hours throughout the day. At other times there are services between the two cities that require a connection on the way.

The journey on this route takes just 3 hours and 15 minutes, making the trip quick and easy.

Tickets vary in price depending on when you travel and how far in advance you book. Fares start at 35 euros one-way in second class and 79 euros one-way in first class. You can get these cheap ticket prices for trains from Amsterdam to Paris if you book online well before you travel from The Netherlands to France.