Cafe Puccini Amsterdam

With its international flair and historic ties to Indonesia, Amsterdam’s restaurant scene is both varied and vibrant. Below is a list of what I consider to be the best restaurants in Amsterdam. You can find them all on the Amsterdam Restaurant Map as well.

De Kas
De Kas restaurant in Amsterdam boasts of Michelin stars and all the elegance of a fine dining experience. If you’re going to splurge on one meal while you’re visiting Amsterdam, this should be it.

Tempo Doeloe
The best Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam is Tempo Doeloe. If you go, make sure to get a rijsttafel tasting menu so you can sample a wide variety of Indonesian dishes.

Sure, it’s fast food. But sometimes only falafel can cure that craving. Its locations are centrally located and the falafel is so good you might just go back for more. And more. And more.

If you’re on a budget, this is the place for you. With fabulous vegetarian food and great juices, Latei is known for its reasonable prices, and for the fact that everything in the restaurant is for sale.

Serving up some of the best brunches in Amsterdam, Puccini is a must on any visit to the city. Don’t forget to try their excellent hot chocolate. If that doesn’t sate your sweet tooth, next door to Puccini is a chocolate shop of the same name.

Envy Restaurant
Getting accolades from the Michelin Guide and many others, Envy is one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. The kitchen serves up a creative mix of European cuisine and Dutch specialties.

Bo Cinq
A trendy French-Arabic restaurant, Bo Cinq is both a restaurant and a lounge. Chefs Marilyn Lukies and Mohammed Mahraoui make sure the cuisine is always top notch, making Bo Cinq one of the top restaurants in Amsterdam.

Pancakes restaurant in Amsterdam serves up both traditional Dutch pancakes and American-style pancakes for those homesick travelers from the US in Amsterdam. Pancakes is very popular, so get there early on the weekends to secure a table.

Brunch at Cafe Americain in the Eden Amsterdam American Hotel
Sunday brunch at the Eden Amsterdam American hotel’s Cafe Americain is an institution. Every Sunday afternoon there is an excellent buffet brunch with live jazz. Guests can enjoy a glass of Champagne on arrival.

Amsterdam’s restaurant scene is always evolving, so check back here for updates as new places open.