Ferries from Hook of Holland to Harwich

Ferries from Hook of Holland to Harwich International Port are a scenic way to get from The Netherlands to the UK when you are visiting Europe.

Ferry services between these ports are run by a company called Stena Line. Their boats, which are Superferries, are named Stena Britannica and Stena Hollandica. Both of them are spacious and offer passengers a variety of travel options, whether you are on foot or going with a vehicle.

Stena Line ferries offer two daily sailings to the UK, and their ferries from Hook of Holland to Harwich are the only direct services on this route.

Departures take place all throughout the year except on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. One ferry is an afternoon ferry, and the other is an overnight service. From Monday to Friday, ships leave at 14:30 (arriving at 20:00) and 22:30 (arriving at 6:30 the following day). On Saturdays and Sundays, ships leave at 14:30 (arriving at 20:00) and 21:30 (arriving at 6:30 the following day). You must check in at least 45 minutes prior to your scheduled departure.

The journey time on this route is 7 hours and 30 minutes on afternoon ferries and 9 to 10 hours on night ferries. Keep in mind that the UK is 1 hour behind Holland.

Ships have several seating options, including the Stena Plus Lounge and private cabins for sleeping. There are also vehicle holds for passengers with cars.

The fare for a one-way ticket on a ferry from Hook of Holland to Harwich starts at 69 euros for one person with a small vehicle. This fare is available if you buy ferry tickets online ahead of time. There are also special “rail and sail” tickets that include train travel in The Netherlands and the UK for foot passengers. These cost 45 euros for singles for adults.

Viking River Cruises in The Netherlands

Viking River Cruises in The Netherlands are an ideal way to see the beautiful towns and landscapes that line the country’s most well-known waterways.

Viking offers a variety of Dutch cruises on the Rhine River. Once on board, passengers have the chance to explore places like Amsterdam and Kinderdijk.

Many of Viking’s Dutch river cruise itineraries also include segments in other European countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia.

But the destinations are often overshadowed by the amazing views of historic towns and beautiful landscapes that can be seen out the expansive windows of the ship. They are some of the greatest benefits of taking a river cruise.

The highlights of Viking’s cruises in The Netherlands are not limited to the towns or views, either. The luxury accommodation, excellent food, and expert guided tours at the ports of call make Viking unique in the high quality of its offerings.

Viking River Cruises in The Netherlands are all-inclusive, with flights, trains, most meals, and guided tours included in the itinerary unless otherwise noted. Cruise prices offer great value for money, and early booking discounts are generous for those that make travel plans in advance.

Netherlands River Cruise Guide

Canal Boat in Amsterdam
River Cruise in Amsterdam

Netherlands river cruises are a great way to visit Amsterdam and other parts of Holland. With highlights like historic cities and beautiful countryside scenery, river cruises are a great way to see the best Dutch towns and landscapes in one trip.

The length of each cruise depends on where you go and how much time you have for visiting The Netherlands. Some river cruises are tour packages that take place over multiple days and involve guided tours of cities like Kinderdijk along the way. Others are shorter trips that only last a few hours or a day.

Likewise, cruise ships vary in size. Canal cruises in Amsterdam are usually operated on smaller boats that only contain seats, whereas longer river cruises are run on larger ships with dining areas and cabins for sleeping.

The major river in The Netherlands is the Rhine River. Most longer cruises are operated on the Rhine. The canals in central Amsterdam are also popular for day cruises and tours of the Amsterdam city center.

Whatever length of river cruise you choose for your holiday in The Netherlands, you can either book via a tour operator or make a direct booking independently. Either way, make sure to shop around for river cruise deals and compare what each individual package or day tour includes and excludes.

A good tip for booking a Netherlands river cruise is to plan early. Many tour operators offer deep discounts for early bookings.