Port barrels
Port Barrels at Graham’s

As the name implies, Porto is the city from which Port wine originated. Port wine tasting in Porto is therefore a popular activity for people visiting this part of Portugal.

Today visitors to Porto can experience Port wine across the Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia, where many Port companies have warehouses, tasting rooms, and restaurants.

Port wine tasting in Porto is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon or a chilly winter day. You can take a tour of the cellars and learn how Port is made, then go to the tasting rooms and sample several different Ports. There are also shops where you can often buy Port at a discount to the retail price.

From the numerous Port wine warehouses lining the river to the more hidden ones up the hill, there are many different places to choose from. So how do you pick the right one? There is no correct answer, but there are some places that are more famous and accessible than others.

One of my favourite Port wine tasting venues in Porto is Taylor’s. An old British establishment, Taylor’s is located high up on the hill. You can get there by following the signs from the waterfront in Vila Nova de Gaia. The steep climb up to Taylor’s is worth it, as the views are amazing, the gardens beautiful, and the Port excellent.

Take a tour of the warehouse and then try several of Taylor’s Ports before having a leisurely lunch or dinner at Barao de Fladgate, the excellent restaurant. Or you can make a quick stop there before heading off for more Port wine tasting in Porto.

Another of the best places for Port wine tasting in Porto is Graham’s. Located near Taylor’s in Vila Nova de Gaia, the lodge offers tours with guides that are incredibly passionate about Port wine. Visitors can also do a tasting of ruby, tawny, or vintage Port at the end.