Douro River cruise ship
Douro River Cruise

Douro River cruises are a popular way to travel in Portugal. The beautiful Douro travels through northern Portugal and Spain, and runs through Port wine country in the Douro Valley, the famous city of Porto, and beautiful landscapes along its route.

Douro River cruises come in all different lengths and itineraries. For those that want just a taste of river cruising on the Douro, there are day trips through the wine country along the river. Some of these trips offer river transport in one direction and train transport in the other.

For example, you can take a one day river cruise along the Douro from Regua to Pocinho and back by boat, or from Regua to Barca D’Alva by boat and then from Pocinho to Regua by train.

For those that want a more in-depth Douro River cruise, there are cruises from two days to over a week. Two day itineraries include round-trip cruises from Porto to Pinhao, Porto to Regua, and Porto to Barca D’Alva. Week-long cruises usually go all the way from Porto into Spain, with some offering additional day trips to Salamanca.

For overnight Douro River cruises, some boats offer accommodation on board, while others let passengers off to stay at a riverside hotel each night.

Prices for river cruises vary depending on the operator and what is included in the tour. Day tours usually cost up to 100 euros per person, while week-long cruises can cost around 800 euros per person. When booking a Douro River cruise, make sure to research exactly what the package includes.