Quinta do Vallado
Quinta do Vallado Hotel

The best hotels in the Douro Valley are located throughout the region. From Regua to Lamego, they are all great places to stay when you are visiting Portugal. Here are my top picks:

Quinta do Vallado
Quinta do Vallado hotel in the Douro Valley features a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. The guest rooms are spacious and well appointed, and the grounds and pool are beautiful.

The hotel also has a great restaurant that serves regional cuisine, and a cellar where guests can do wine tastings. That’s to say nothing of the excellent vineyard tours that Quinta do Vallado offers.

Quinta Nova
Quinta Nova is another of the best hotels in the Douro Valley. Located high on a hill above the Douro River, the hotel has a classic style and is surrounded by vineyards that guests can walk through.

Rooms are decorated in warm tones, and guests can enjoy dining al fresco in the warmer months. There are also cellar tours and wine tastings on offer.

Aquapura Hotel
Generally considered the flagship hotel of the region, Aquapura is certainly among the best hotels in the Douro Valley. Housed in a stunning historic mansion, the hotel features beautiful restaurants, gardens, pools, and tennis courts. It also has a well-known spa and great views over the surrounding vineyards.