Quinta Nova Hotel in the Douro Valley Review

Quinta Nova
Quinta Nova

Quinta Nova Hotel

Address: 5085-222 Covas do Douro, Portugal
GPS: N 41º 09′ 42,88”; W 07º 35′ 44,59”
Phone: +351 254 730 430

Hotel Rural Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, or Quinta Nova for short, is one of the best places to stay in the Douro Valley when you are visiting Portugal.

Part hotel, part winery, and all relaxation, Quinta Nova offers visitors a quiet haven overlooking the Douro River and the beautiful vineyards that climb up the hills from its banks. Guests can enjoy self-guided hikes through the vines, relaxing dips in the swimming pool, drinks at the beautiful bar, dinner al fresco at the fine dining restaurant, cellar tours, and Port and wine tasting on the premises.


Douro Valley Taxis

Taxis in Pinhao

Taxis in the Douro Valley are a great way to get around if you don’t want to hire a car when you are visiting Portugal.

If you take the train from Porto to Regua or Pinhao, you will find taxis waiting for you right outside of the stations upon your arrival.

Most Douro Valley taxis are large vehicles that can transport four people and carry luggage, making it easy for groups or visitors with large bags to get around.

Taxis can take you to your accommodation or hotel in the Douro Valley, and also to the various quintas for wine tasting. They can also transport visitors to restaurants and areas of interest in the region. If you need a taxi from your hotel, the reception can call one for you. Just make sure to leave ample time in case the taxi needs to travel from a distance.

Prices of taxis in the Douro Valley vary depending on distance and time, and all taxis are metered. In general, prices are reasonable. For example, to hire a taxi for a day of Port or wine tasting in the Douro Valley, it would cost around 100 to 150 euros for two people. This would include transportation from a train station or hotel to several wineries or quintas and back.

DOC Restaurant in the Douro Valley Review

DOC restaurant
Lunch at DOC

DOC Restaurant
Address: Estrada Nacional 222, Folgosa, Douro Valley, Portugal
Phone: +351 254 858 123

DOC restaurant in the Douro Valley in Portugal is one of the best restaurants in the region, and indeed in the country.

A far cry from a traditional Portuguese restaurant, DOC is a contemporary, sleek establishment with a forward-thinking kitchen. The restaurant, which is open for lunch and dinner, serves tasting menus that feature the best regional, national, and international cuisine.