Sign for Bisse du Milieu in Nendaz
Sign for Bisse du Milieu

Hiking in Nendaz, Switzerland is one of the most popular activities for people visiting the country during the summer months. With plenty of options for hiking trails and terrain to suit all skill and ability levels, Nendaz truly has something for everyone.

There are three main types of hiking on offer in Nendaz:

Hiking along the Bisses in Nendaz
Nendaz is unique in that it has 98 kilometers (60 miles) of primarily flat hiking trails in the Swiss Alps. Eight bisses, or manmade irrigation channels, run through the region surrounding the town, and each one has a path running alongside it. They are called the Bisse Vieux (7km), Bisse du Milieu (5km), Bisse de Saxon (32km), Bisse d’en Bas (6km), Bisse de Cherve (15km), Grand Bisse de Vex (12km), Bisse de Salins (12km), and Bisse de Baar (6km).

Some, including the Bisse Vieux and the Bisse du Milieu, can be reached from the center of Nendaz itself. Others can be reached from various points around the area. You can get a hiking map of the Bisses in Nendaz from the tourist information office in the town center.

Hiking Barefoot in Nendaz
There is a barefoot hiking trail in Siviez that has become an increasingly popular alternative to hikes involving heavy boots or shoes. The “Barefoot Discovery Track”, as it is officially called, starts with a series of boxes filled with everything from pine cones to wood discs. These are designed to initiate the feet to the concept of barefoot hiking. Afterwards hikers can enjoy a 30-minute barefoot walk through the hills and along the Printse River. There are picnic tables at the end for those that want to bring lunch on their hike.

Hiking to Tracouet in Nendaz
For those that want a real challenge, the steep inclines of the paths that lead up to the lake at Tracouet are a great choice. Starting from Nendaz, you can hike up the mountain and enjoy the reward of spectacular views of the Swiss Alps at the top. Alternatively, you can take the gondola (telecabine) from the town center in Nendaz up to the lake at Tracouet and hike down from there.