Viking River Cruises in the Czech Republic

Viking River Cruises in the Czech Republic are an ideal way to see the picturesque towns and landscapes that line the country’s most iconic waterways.

Viking offers a Czech cruise on the Elbe River and the Vltava River (often mistakenly called the Charles River). The latter runs through central Prague.

Once on board a Viking River Cruise in the Czech Republic, passengers have the chance to explore places like Prague and Litomerice. Their Czech river cruise itinerary includes segments in Germany, too.

But the destinations are often overshadowed by the amazing views of Bohemian towns and landscapes that can be seen out the expansive windows of the ship. They are some of the greatest benefits of river cruising.

Additional highlights of Viking River Cruises in the Czech Republic include the excellent accommodation, top-notch food, and expert guided tours at the ports of call. All of them make Viking unique in the high quality of its offerings.

Viking River Cruises in the Czech Republic are all-inclusive, with flights, trains, meals, and guided tours included in the itinerary unless otherwise noted. Cruise prices offer great value for money, and early booking discounts are generous for those that plan ahead.

Czech River Cruises

Prague River Cruise
River Cruise in Prague

Czech river cruises are a great way to visit Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic. With highlights like historic towns and beautiful scenery, they are an ideal way to see the best Czech towns and countryside in one trip.

The major rivers that are popular for cruises in the Czech Republic are the Elbe River and the Vltava River. The latter runs through Prague and is often mistakenly called the Charles River. The Vltava is popular with day and dinner cruises through the Prague city center and under the famous Charles Bridge.

Some Czech river cruises are tour packages that take place over multiple days and involve guided tours at various places along the way. Others are shorter trips that only last a few hours or a day.

Whatever length of river cruise you choose for your holiday in the Czech Republic, you can either book through a tour operator or make a direct booking yourself. Either way, make sure to shop around for river cruise deals and compare what each package or day cruise includes or doesn’t include.

A good tip for booking a Czech river cruise is to plan early. Many of the operators offer good discounts for advance bookings.

Buses from Prague to Krakow

Buses from Prague to Krakow are a scenic way to travel from the Czech Republic to Poland when you are visiting Europe.

A company called Regabus runs coaches on this route several days a week. Their buses depart from Florenc and Zelivskeho bus stations in Prague and arrive at Wadowicka in Krakow. Make sure to check timetables before you travel, as they change seasonally.

Services usually depart in the late afternoon and arrive in the middle of the night. As such, be sure to have accommodation in Krakow arranged for when you arrive.

The journey time on this route is 10 hours and 15 minutes, as buses travel via Brno and Olomouc.

A one-way ticket for a bus from Prague to Krakow costs 750 CZK. Children, students, and retired people can get discounts.