The Perfect Trip

Want to travel independently but are tired of guidebooks that are out-of-date, irrelevant to your interests, or full of unreliable information?

Know where you want to go but don’t have time to plan the details?

Worried you’re missing out on local deals and discounts?

Trying to plan the perfect trip but having trouble building the itinerary?

Why not let a local expert help you plan?

Every trip, from a weekend city break to a three-week, multi-city journey, can be a life changing travel experience.

As a travel consultant, I offer booking advice and tailored itinerary recommendations for independent travelers. My clients enjoy the advantage of my local knowledge and global travel expertise from living in Europe.

What You Get

Whether you’re traveling for a romantic getaway, a weekend city break, or your annual family summer or winter vacation, I can help you find the best prices, most efficient transport, and top unique experiences.

My services for your trip include:

– A free consultation to discuss goals and interests for your trip

– Custom flight booking advice for the lowest prices and top frequent flier mile redemptions

– Suggestions for hotels with the best rates and discounts

Car rental options based on how many miles, days, and countries you drive to

Train booking advice for early-booking deals, low prices, and efficient routes

Optimization based on your frequent traveler memberships

– Detailed itinerary with all of your bookings prior to departure

– A custom travel guide with unique advice and detailed maps based on your interests and budget

– Click here to see a sample itinerary

If you want to arrange your own transport and/or accommodation, that’s fine too.

The Benefits

You may be wondering what I can do for you that you can’t do for yourself. The simple answer is ‘nothing’. You can book your trip on your own.

But you won’t necessarily get the best prices or ensure that you eat at the best restaurants, visit the museums that most fit your interests, or get from one city to another in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

Local knowledge is infinitely valuable, and that is where my expertise can help make your trip uniquely unforgettable.

Furthermore, I can save you time. While you might spend several hours trying to figure out the best way to get from Madrid to Barcelona, I know off the top of my head that the high-speed AVE train is the right answer.

Let me worry about the details so you can focus on the excitement of your trip.

I will also help you maximize the benefits of your travel by suggesting frequent traveler programs you may not have known about.

You’ll be able to take even more trips at less cost to you.

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The Booking

I don’t offer a booking service. I will find the best deals for you, but you will ultimately purchase the travel yourself after I send you the details.

The Cost

The pricing of the service depends on the length of your trip, what you need help with, and the amount of destinations on your itinerary.


For more information and to get a free quote for your trip, you can contact me at julie [at] visitingeu [dot] com.