Sample Itinerary

Romantic Getaway in Paris

Days: 2

Your Goal: Experience a weekend getaway in Paris with a focus on museums and restaurants

What You Get

Consultation to outline your goals for the trip, loyalty program memberships, preferences for transport and hotels, and other relevant information

– Detailed options for booking flight or train transport. Multiple carrier options, pricing information, and, if desired, frequent traveler program redemption options

Hotel suggestions based on your budget, location preference, hotel style preference, and frequent guest program memberships

Support before and during your trip – email or call me any time for information, additional recommendations, or assistance in the event of transport delays

Once you have selected your transport and hotel, I will send you a custom travel guide with:

– Detailed instructions for how to get from the airport or train station to your hotel, including private transfer and public transport options and pricing

Restaurant recommendations for pre-screened restaurants, bistros, and cafes based on your budget and food preferences

– Suggestions for culinary destinations like tea houses, patisseries, bakeries, wine bars, and specialty food and beverage shops based on your interests

– Recommendations for museums, temporary exhibitions, and art galleries according to your taste in art

– Custom self-guided walking tour information for art and architecture in Paris

Maps with the locations of all suggestions pinpointed

Additional suggestions for things you might enjoy based on the consultation


For more information and to get a free quote for your trip, you can contact me at julie [at] visitingeu [dot] com.