Best Shopping in Ghent

Chocolaterie Van Hoorebeke in Ghent
Chocolaterie Van Hoorebeke

Ghent has no shortage of options for retail therapy. Whether you are a fashionista looking for the latest clothing trends or a foodie in search of the perfect piece of Belgian chocolate, the city has something for everyone. Below are my top tips for the best shopping in Ghent.

Clothing and Home Goods Shopping in Ghent

A good starting point for the clothing-oriented is Veldstraat, Ghent’s main pedestrianized shopping street. It has all the high street shops you can imagine in one convenient location.

Not far from there is a lace shop called Kloskanthuis Home Linen. It sells everything from scarves and dresses to dish towels and tablecloths. The prices are surprisingly reasonable, too.

For home goods, Bubbles at Home is the perfect place to pick up soaps, scents, and pretty souvenirs in Ghent.

Food Shopping in Ghent

For foodies, Kaas Mekka is a famous cheese shop in the city center. There you can choose from over 300 hundred different kinds of cheese, from local Hinkelspel to Flemish Pas de Bleu goat’s cheese.

Also delicious are the cupcakes and pastries at Julie’s House in Ghent. The bakery has a beautiful counter offering everything from fresh fruit tarts to decadent chocolate cakes.

And speaking of chocolate, Chocolaterie Van Hoorebeke offers a range of pralines and other types of Belgian chocolate, all wrapped in beautiful vintage-inspired paper.

Then there is Yves Tierenteyn-Verlent, the renowned mustard shop in Ghent. People come from all over the world to purchase jars of the famous yellow condiment there.

Outside of the mustard shop are vendors selling cuberdons, the unique purple nose-shaped candies of Ghent. You can pick up a bag of them to snack on while you walk to your next shopping destination.

Markets in Ghent

Finally, don’t miss Ghent’s Sunday markets. They offer some of the best shopping in Ghent. From the live animal market to the pretty flower market, there is no shortage of things to buy there.

Best Tours of Ghent

River Cruise in Ghent
Ghent River Cruise

Ghent is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Often overlooked by people visiting Belgium, Ghent offers a great mix of the beauty of Bruges and the city-like feel of Brussels. It’s also easy to get to from Brussels, and makes a great day trip for those visiting the Belgian capital.

If you go, there are a lot of great tours that you can take to get a feel for the city’s history, geography, food, and other highlights. Whatever your interests, there is a tour that will be suited to you.

To help you get an idea of what is out there, below is my list of the best tours of Ghent.

Cycling Tours of Ghent

Cycling tours take visitors all through Ghent, from the historic heart of the city to the less visited areas on the outskirts. From the modern “Sheep Shed” building to secret gardens and trendy neighborhoods like Patershol, bike tours of Ghent cover the highlights.

River Cruises in Ghent

Ghent river cruises are a great way to see the city from its many canals and waterways. Boat tours of Ghent depart from various locations in the city center and take visitors to sightseeing highlights like the castle and the historic old town. Along the way, guides give an overview of the city’s history and point out places of interest.

Food Tours of Ghent

Foodie tours are a great way to experience some of Ghent’s culinary highlights. From the famous cheeses and chocolates to the pastry shops and butchers’ hall, food tours of Ghent give a great overview of what’s on offer and take participants to famous food shops in the city center.

Best Bars in Brussels for Belgian Beer

Delirium Cafe in Brussels
Delirium Cafe

Belgium is synonymous with beer. You can’t go far in the country without running into one of its famous brews. From fruity Lambic beers to famous Trappist ales, there are so many different kinds of Belgian beer to try that you could spend months in the country without sampling them all.

But if you want to wash down as many brews as you can while you are visiting Belgium, below are the best bars in Brussels for Belgian beer.

Delirium Cafe
Address: Impasse de la Fidelite 4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Delirium Cafe is one of the most famous bars in Brussels. Located just off the bustling restaurant alley of Rue des Bouchers, the bar serves more types of beers than any other in the world.

With a menu the size of a book, you can choose to sample every kind of beer made in Belgium and many from the rest of the world. There are over 2,500 different kinds of beer on the menu, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one you like!

Delirium Cafe can be very busy and rowdy at times, so if you are looking for a more relaxed experience, try visiting one of the others.

A La Morte Subite
Address: Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potageres 7, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
A classic Belgian establishment with beautiful Art Nouveau decor, A La Morte Subite is another of the best bars in Brussels for Belgian beer. If you are a fan of Gueuze and Lambic beers, this is the perfect place to imbibe.

The interiors of A La Morte Subite date back to the 1920’s, when the bar was first opened by Theophile Vossen. Today his great-grandsons still run the bar, and make sure to keep the beautiful historic atmosphere as well maintained as the high-quality beer offerings.

Moeder Lambic
Address: 8 place Fontainas, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Located right in the heart of the city, Moeder Lambic is one of the most popular beer bars in Brussels. It offers a great variety of Belgian beers in a lively atmosphere. The bar also serves cheese and meat plates for those that want to line their stomachs while drinking (a good idea considering how strong many Belgian beers are!).

There is another location of Moeder Lambic in the Saint-Gilles area of Brussels (68 rue de Savoie). It has more of a relaxed, local feel and is great for those that want to drink in quieter surroundings.

Address: Rue du Chene 5, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Don’t let the long name put you off from visiting Poechenellekelder. It is one of the top bars in Brussels, and is conveniently located right near the Grand Place and the famous Mannekin Pis statue.

The underground cellar bar has a surreal feel to its decor, and the menu offers everything from traditional Blonde beers to cherry-flavored artisan brews.

A La Becasse
Address: Rue du Chene 5, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
One of the oldest and most historic of all Brussels bars, A La Becasse is a great place to enjoy a beer in a traditional 19th century atmosphere. It is one of the best bars in Brussels for Belgian beer, particularly its famous Jeune Lambic Blanche, which is served in stone jugs by waiters dressed like monks.