Aloft Hotel in Brussels Review

Aloft Hotel Brussels
Aloft Hotel

Aloft Hotel Brussels
Address: Place Jean Rey, 1040 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +32 02 800 08 88

The Aloft in Brussels is located in the Schuman district of the city centre, close to the European Commission headquarters.

The hotel was the first Aloft in Europe, and it brought the brand’s youthful energy and character with it to the EU capital. It also brought the reasonable prices that Aloft is known for in other cities around the world.

The hotel features 147 guest rooms, a snack bar, a signature W XYZ bar, and free WiFi throughout the premises. The decor is trendy and stylish without being overdone, and the overall atmosphere is great for both business and leisure travellers.

Room rates at the Aloft Hotel in Brussels start at 75 euros per night, making it one of the most affordable hotels in its class in Brussels. Deals are always on offer online, including a discount of up to 30% for advance bookings, with rates starting at 59 euros.

Viking River Cruises in Belgium

Viking River Cruises in Belgium are an ideal way to see the towns and landscapes that line the country’s famous waterways.

Viking offer a variety of Belgian cruises on the Rhine River. Their Belgian itineraries also include cruise segments in The Netherlands, Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Once on board a Viking River Cruise in Belgium, guests have the chance to explore cities like Ghent and Antwerp in addition to non-Rhine destinations like Bruges.

But the destinations themselves are second to the great views of historic towns and amazing landscapes that can be seen out the large windows of the boat. They are some of the biggest benefits of river cruising.

The highlights of cruises are not limited to the destinations or views, either. The comfortable accommodation, great food, and expert tours make the company unique in the high quality of their river cruise offerings.

Viking River Cruises in Belgium are all-inclusive. Flights, trains, meals, and guided tours are included in the itinerary unless noted. The prices offer good value for money, and early booking discounts can provide great deals for those that plan ahead.

Belgium River Cruises

Belgium river cruises are a great way to travel in Europe. Itineraries feature historic cities, beautiful landscapes, and medieval towns, and are the perfect way to see the best Belgian urban areas and countryside in one trip.

The major river in Belgium that is popular for cruises is the Rhine River. The Rhine runs through Antwerp and Ghent, and is great for day-long cruises along the banks in the city centres. Other popular destinations include Bruges, where hour-long tours are offered.

River cruise ships vary from large boats to smaller ones, and the length of time of each cruise differs depending on where you go and how much time you have while visiting Belgium.

Some Belgium river cruises are packages that include overnight accommodation and tours of cities near the rivers. Others are shorter trips that do not require staying overnight on the ship. Some are international, while others only cover destinations in the country.

Whatever kind of river cruise you choose for your holiday in Belgium, you can either make a direct booking or book your cruise through a tour operator. Either way, shop around for cruise deals and compare what each package or independent cruise includes and excludes.

A good tip for booking a Belgium river cruise is to plan your trip well in advance. A lot of operators offer deep discounts and deals for early bookings.