Die Traumerei Hotel
Address: Obere Pfarrgasse 3, 64720 Michelstadt, Germany
Phone: 06061 / 70 33 33

The Die Traumerei hotel in Michelstadt is German actress Jessica Schwartz’s ultra-hip yet down-to-earth lodging in the Odenwald region of Germany.

Die Traumerei is a small design hotel consisting of four suites and rooms plus a larger 4-person suite in a building next door, all with their own character. From deep purple duvet covers to classic German wood beams to sleek chairs and fixtures, the hotel is just the reverie that its German name implies.

And it gets better. Rooms at Die Traumerei start at just 97.50 euros per night, so you don’t have to break the bank to sleep in style. Parking costs 8 euros per night, and WiFi is free. You can book here.

It doesn’t end there; Die Traumerei is also a cafe. Open daily from 8:00 to 18:00 (from 9:00 on weekends), Die Traumerie Cafe serves up a delicious mix of soups, salads, panini, focaccia sandwiches, and more. If you can’t stay at the hotel, at least stop by for lunch at the cafe.