Taking the train from Nuremberg to Prague is a good way to get from Germany to the Czech Republic when you are visiting Europe.

Trains on this route run every one to three hours from the Nuremberg Hauptbahnhof train station to Prague’s Hlavni Nadrazi station. Both are the main railway stations in their respective cities, and offer connections to all other forms of public transportation.

There are no direct trains between these cities, so you will have to connect on the way in order to complete your journey. The total travel time on trains from Nuremberg to Prague ranges from 4 hours and 51 minutes to 5 hours and 8 minutes.

Train tickets from Nuremberg to Prague cost 55.60 euros for a one-way ticket in second class and 86.40 euros for a one-way ticket in first class. If you want a cheaper, faster method of transportation, consider taking a bus between these cities. They take 3 hours and 37 minutes and cost from 19 euros one-way.