The Porto Andante Card is a great way to maximize your savings when visiting Portugal. The card is for use on the Porto metro, STCP lines, buses, and urban trains, which offer transportation throughout the city and to important transport links like the Porto Airport.

The Andante Card can be purchased at any Porto metro station or ticket outlet, and acts as a rechargeable ticket for all of your public transportation journeys in Porto. When your balance runs out, you can top it up at any Andante outlet in the city.

There are also multi-ride options for Andante Cards. A 1-day Andante Tour card is available for 7 euros, and a 3-day card is available for 15 euros (all zones). They are a great way to travel hassle-free when visiting Portugal.

When purchasing an Andante Card make sure to select the zones you will do the most traveling in. The cost of the card depends on which zone or zones you choose.

NB: When traveling between the Porto airport and the city center you’ll need to purchase a ticket or Andante Card that covers your journey to or from the zone the airport is located in. Don’t forget to validate your ticket before your ride.