Trains from Zurich to Liechtenstein

Sargans Train Station Sign
Sargans Train Station

Trains from Zurich to Liechtenstein are a great way to get from Switzerland to the small landlocked principality when you are visiting Europe.

The best way to get from Zurich to Liechtenstein by train is to first take a train from Zurich to Sargans. The journey time ranges from 55 minutes to 1 hour and 7 minutes. Trains depart up to three times an hour, so you never have to wait long.

Once you arrive in Sargans, you can take bus number 12 from the station to Vaduz in Liechtenstein. Buses depart approximately every 20 minutes and are timed to meet arriving trains from Zurich. The journey takes 25 minutes.

Another way of taking the train from Zurich to Liechtenstein is to travel by rail to Buchs and then take a bus to Vaduz. However, this can take longer than the first option.

Single tickets for buses and trains from Zurich to Liechtenstein cost 31 CHF in second class and 55 CHF in first class to Sargans. You can get good discounts if you book online in advance. The bus costs around 6 CHF.

Trains from Lausanne to Geneva

Lausanne Train Station
Lausanne Station

Trains from Lausanne to Geneva are one of the fastest and most convenient ways to get between the two Swiss cities when you are visiting Switzerland.

Services on this route travel from the Lausanne train station to the Geneva Cornavin railway station. The latter is centrally located and connected to all forms of onward public transportation, including taxis. As such, it is convenient to take the train to Geneva and continue any onward journeys from there.

Trains from Lausanne to Geneva run every 5 to 20 minutes each hour at peak periods every day. As such, it is easy to get to Geneva any time you need to.

All trains that operate between the two Swiss cities are direct, meaning that you do not have to change trains en route. The travel time to Geneva takes between 33 minutes and 48 minutes, making for a quick journey.

Ticket fares for trains from Lausanne to Geneva cost 21.80 CHF for second class and 38.20 CHF for first class. You can get cheaper tickets if you book online well before you travel.

Trains from Geneva to Lausanne

Lausanne Rail Station
Lausanne Station

Traveling by train from Geneva to Lausanne is an easy way to get between the two famous cities when you are visiting Switzerland.

Rail services depart from the Geneva Cornavin train station, which is the main station in the city center. They arrive at the Lausanne railway station. If you arrive at Geneva Airport (GVA), there are also trains to Lausanne from the airport station. This makes it easy to travel straight from your flight to your final destination.

Regardless of which station you start from, all services are operated by SBB, Switzerland’s national rail company.

Trains from the center of Geneva to Lausanne depart every 5 to 10 minutes at peak periods during the day, so you never have to wait long for one.

The total travel time ranges from 33 minutes to 50 minutes, making the journey quick and easy. The journey from the airport is slightly longer.

Tickets for trains from central Geneva to Lausanne cost 38.20 CHF for first class and 21.80 CHF for second class. Discounts are available if you buy your tickets online in advance.