Hotel Nars Ilica in Alacati, Turkey Review

Hotel Nars Ilica Review
Address: Tosun Pasa Yalisi 5066 Sk Number 12, Cesme, Izmir, Turkey
Phone: +90 232 729 0001

The Hotel Nars Ilica is a boutique hotel in one of Turkey’s best beach towns.

With just seven rooms, the property is a gem of a boutique hotel located in a restored 18th century mansion in Cesme.

Decorated in neutral earth tones and offering luxury amenities, the Hotel Nars Ilica is the perfect place to stay on a visit to Alacati. It also offers a jacuzzi, aromatherapy massages, a library, and other facilities for guests to enjoy.

Don’t miss excellent restaurant, Mezzaluna, which is next door to the hotel.

Rates at the Hotel Nars Ilica start at 300 euros per night.

How to Get from Istanbul to Goreme

If you need to get from Istanbul to Goreme when you are visiting Turkey, you have several options.

Whichever one you choose, you will have to take two modes of transportation. These include flights, trains, buses, and cars.

To go by land, you should first take a train from Istanbul to Ankara. You can find out how to do this here. From Ankara, you can take a bus to Goreme. It is a four-hour bus ride.

To go by air, you can fly into a nearby airport and continue your journey by land. The closest airports to Goreme are in Kayseri (75km (45mi) from Goreme) and Nevsehir (45km (30mi) from Goreme). Both are served by a number of airlines. When you land, you can hire a car or take a taxi the rest of the way to Goreme.

Low-Cost Airlines in Turkey

Like almost every country in Europe, Turkey has its share of low-cost airlines that offer domestic flights within the country and international ones to it.

Atlasjet, Onur Air, Pegasus, and Sun Express are the four major low-cost airlines in Turkey.

All of them fly to major Turkish cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Bursa. They also operate international flights to other cities all over Europe.

Competition among the airlines means that prices are very low on certain routes, so make sure to check their fares before booking with another airline.

If you do travel with one of these low-cost airlines in Turkey, make sure to check things like baggage allowances to make sure that your cheap flight doesn’t end up being more expensive.