Hamburg Train Station
Hamburg Train Station

If you need to get to Hambrug after your flight arrives at the airport, you have a few different options for transportation. Which one you choose depends on your preference for speed, comfort, and price. Below are the details of various ways to get from Hamburg airport to the city centre:

Trains from Hamburg Airport to the City

Trains from the airport to the city are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get to Hamburg after your flight arrives. There is an S-bahn train station in the airport, and the journey to the city centre and the main train station takes just 20 minutes. You can learn more about this option here.

Taxis from Hamburg Airport to the City

Hamburg airport taxis are a good choice if you need to travel quickly, if your final destination is not well-served by public transportation, if you have large bags, or if you want to take the most comfortable method of transportation. Taxis are more expensive than other options, but can be economical if you travel with one or more other people. You can find more details about airport taxis here.

Car Hire at Hamburg Airport

Hiring a car at Hamburg airport is a good idea if you plan to travel further afield while you are visiting Germany. All of the well-known international car hire companies are represented at the airport, so you have a range of options. You can learn more about airport car hire in Hamburg here.