The annual Gorgonzola Festival takes place each September in the Italian town of Gorgonzola. The festival is celebrated on the second or third weekend of the month.

Called the Sagra Nazionale del Gorgonzola in Italian, the Gorgonzola Festival is a great place to indulge in one of Italy’s most famous cheeses. Each year the town’s high street, Via Italia, and other areas of Gorgonzola come alive for two days in September to celebrate the cheese that bears its name.

The Gorgonzola Festival features gorgonzola vendors with booths of mouth-watering cheese and freshly baked bread, all of which can be sampled by people visiting for the festivities. There are also cheese-making demonstrations and arts and crafts vendors selling handicrafts.

If you are visiting the Gorgonzola Festival you can get a pass, which allows you to get a free sample of some of the recipes being cooked in the booths.

Getting to the festival from Milan is easy. The town of Gorgonzola is so close to Milan that it is on the Green Line (Line 2) of the Milan metro.

If you’re a true foodie, consider extending your trip to the Gorgonzola Festival with a visit to the White Truffle Festival in Alba. It takes place each year in October and November in Piedmont. It’s a short drive from Milan and well worth the trip.