Tables in Sorrento
Tables in Sorrento

The best restaurants in Sorrento are hidden away from the tourist trail on small streets off the main squares. To help you find them, below is my list of the top restaurants in Sorrento:

Ristorante Caruso
Address: Via S. Antonino, 12, 80067 Sorrento
Ristorante Caruso in Sorrento is solidly among the best restaurants on the Amalfi Coast. The restaurant, which is also a museum dedicated to the opera singer Caruso, serves great local specialities and seafood. Service at the restaurant is attentive without being overbearing, which is another bonus.

When you dine at Ristorante Caruso, get one of the tasting menus and make sure to try the calamari and the stuffed zucchini blossoms if they are in season.

Il Buco
Address: Seconda Rampa Marina Piccola, 5, 80067 Sorrento
Il Buco restaurant in Sorrento is Michelin starred and well worth the trip. The service and food at Il Buco are both very high quality, and the ambiance is pleasant and warm. With a menu featuring a mix of Italian and international cuisine, Il Buco is definitely one of the best restaurants in Sorrento.