Capri Chairlift
Chairlift in Capri

Capri transportation is diverse and fairly simple to navigate. Once your ferry to Capri arrives at the port, you have a number of different options for getting around the island. These include the famous white convertible taxis on Capri, the Capri funicular, buses, scooter rentals, chairlifts, and Capri boat tours.

Taxis are the most expensive transportation option in Capri, but also the fastest. Taxis line up along the port, so it is easy to get one when you step off your ferry to Capri.

The funicular and buses in Capri require tickets that can be purchased at the ticket booths to the right of the ferry port (if you’re facing away from the water). Tickets cost 1.80 euros for a single.

In the high season queues for the funicular get very long, so have one person wait in line while another buys tickets. The funicular leaves from right in front of the port and takes 3 minutes to reach Capri town. Services depart every 15 minutes.

Buses are a good option for Capri transportation between cities like Capri and Anacapri. There are bus stops in both towns and the driving time is only 15 minutes or less. If you take a bus from the sea, you can board the bus at the stops to the right or left of the port.

Scooter rentals on Capri are a fun way to get around the island, but make sure you have experience with tight turns and driving on cliff roads. You can rent scooters in Capri right by the ferry port.

Capri boat tours are a good alternative to land transportation in Capri. There are boats and tour operators all along the port, so it is easy to find one when you arrive. Some enterprising Capri boat tour operators even send scouts on the ferries to recruit customers on the way to Capri.

A unique mode of Capri transportation is the chairlift in Anacapri that takes visitors to the very top of the mountain for great views of the Amalfi Coast.

Whatever you choose for your Capri transportation, make sure you arrive back at the port well ahead of your ferry departure time. Buses and the funicular often get crowded in the high season, and you may have to wait for several to pass by before you can get on.