Rome Bike Rental
Rome Bike Rental

Public transport in Rome is extensive and offers a good alternative to walking long distances and taking expensive taxis.

There are several main modes of public transport in the city, including buses, trams, a metro, and bike rental.

Buses, trams, and the metro in Rome are most convenient if you buy a Roma Pass. You can use your pass to ride all public transport, which saves you from having to purchase tickets. When you board the bus or tram, just touch your Roma Pass to the reader to validate your journey. You can touch your pass to the metro turnstile reader to ride the Rome metro.

If you plan to do a lot of sightseeing in the city center, buses are the best mode of public transport in Rome. There is an extensive system, and maps are provided at bus stops. Buses are also good for getting to far-flung sights like the Maxxi Museum and Renzo Piano’s Parco della Musica.

If you plan to visit destinations like the Vatican Museums or need to get to Roma Termini train station, the metro and trams are a good way to get around.

For an eco-friendly alternative to public transport in Rome, you can try the bike rental system. Bikes are parked at various locations throughout Rome, and you can use the automated system to rent one for a few hours or for your entire stay.