Viking River Cruises in The Netherlands are an ideal way to see the beautiful towns and landscapes that line the country’s most well-known waterways.

Viking offers a variety of Dutch cruises on the Rhine River. Once on board, passengers have the chance to explore places like Amsterdam and Kinderdijk.

Many of Viking’s Dutch river cruise itineraries also include segments in other European countries like Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia.

But the destinations are often overshadowed by the amazing views of historic towns and beautiful landscapes that can be seen out the expansive windows of the ship. They are some of the greatest benefits of taking a river cruise.

The highlights of Viking’s cruises in The Netherlands are not limited to the towns or views, either. The luxury accommodation, excellent food, and expert guided tours at the ports of call make Viking unique in the high quality of its offerings.

Viking River Cruises in The Netherlands are all-inclusive, with flights, trains, most meals, and guided tours included in the itinerary unless otherwise noted. Cruise prices offer great value for money, and early booking discounts are generous for those that make travel plans in advance.