Fallas Festival Dates: March 15 to 19

Every March the Spanish city of Valencia hosts the Fallas Festival, or Las Fallas. The festival is an annual celebration that involves the creation and burning of satiric effigies, which are called fallas.

While the festival itself only lasts five days, there is a lot of activity in the weeks leading up to it. Prior to the burning of the fallas, they are on show throughout Valencia for visitors and locals to admire. Many people choose a favorite before they are burned.

The Fallas Festival is most famous for the burnings that take place at the Valencia town hall during the Crema Falla Ayuntamiento. There are also daily Mascletas, or fireworks displays.

If you plan to visit Valencia during the Fallas Festival, make sure to book your hotel accommodation and flight or train transportation well in advance. Las Fallas is one of the busiest times of year in Valencia, and things book up quickly for the festival.