Luggage Lockers at Sion Station
Lockers in Sion

Left luggage at Sion train station in Switzerland is offered in the form of luggage lockers. They are a great place to store your bags and lighten your load while you explore the city of Sion or the surrounding region.

The bright blue luggage lockers are located on the lower ground floor of the station. You can find them right at the bottom of the steps leading into the tunnel that gives access to the train platforms.

There are two sizes of left luggage lockers available at Sion train station. Both are relatively big, so most bags and backpacks will fit into one or the other.

There are around 20 of each type of locker. As such, there is ample room to store all of your bags and no need to worry about them all being full when you arrive.

The luggage lockers are coin-operated, so make sure to have small change on you when you go to use them. The small lockers accept 1/2, 1, and 2-franc coins, while the large lockers accept 1, 2, and 5 franc coins.

As always, when using the left luggage facilities at Sion train station, make sure that you don’t leave valuables or your passport in the lockers. Theft is uncommon, but can occur, and you don’t want to be traveling without your belongings or ID during the rest of your time visiting Switzerland.