Sign for the London tube
The London Underground

If you’re visiting London and planning to take the tube (officially called the London Underground), you can save money by getting an Oyster Card for the London tube.

The Oyster Card is available online (for UK delivery only), in all tube stations in London, and in select train stations in London for a cost of 5.00 GBP. This cost is refundable if you return your card at the end of your time in the city.

Once you purchase an Oyster Card for the London tube, you can add money to it using the machines in the tube stations and use it to enter and exit any tube station or overground station in London. It can also be used on some train routes between the capital and nearby cities.

The fare you pay is much lower when you use an Oyster Card for the London tube than when you pay for a ticket outright. It’s a great way to save money in London, so make sure to get one when you arrive.