If you want to get from Venice airport to the Venice city center, you have several different options. When planning, keep in mind that cars are not allowed in the historic heart of the city, so driving isn’t the best way to get there.

The main options for getting from Venice Marco Polo Airport to the city center are as follows:

Water Taxi from Venice Airport
Water taxis are one of the most exciting ways to get from the airport to Venice, and indeed are the most classic. That said, they are also the most expensive. If you don’t want to splash out (pun intended!), taking a city bus and then a water bus is a good compromise.

Bus to the Piazzale Roma from Venice Airport
Buses run from Marco Polo Airport to the Piazzale Roma and Mestre. From there, you can connect to a water bus to get to your final destination in the city.

Drive to the Piazzale Roma from Venice Airport
If you need a car in Venice, you can hire one at the airport and drive to the Piazzale Roma. There is a large area for parking there, and once you have left your car, you can change to a water bus.