If you need to get from Milan Bergamo airport to Milan when your flight arrives in Italy, you have several different options. These include taking public transportation and taking taxis or rental cars.

Details of each option are listed below.

Bus from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan
Airport buses are one of the best ways to get to the city. Services are direct and timed to correspond to when flights land, and tickets are cheap. You can find out more about how to take the bus from Bergamo airport to Milan here.

Train from Milan Bergamo Airport to Milan
Taking the train from Bergamo airport to Milan’s city center is another good option, but because there is no train station at the airport, you first have to take a bus into Bergamo and then connect to a train. If you want to do this, you can find out how here.

Car Rental at Milan Bergamo Airport
Renting a car at Bergamo airport is a good option if your travel itinerary requires you to go elsewhere in Italy when you are visiting Milan. You can find out which companies offer car rental at Bergamo airport here.