It’s easy to get from Milan Linate Airport to Milan when your flight arrives in Italy. You have a few options for transportation, including taking public transport and taxis or rental cars. Your choice is ultimately dependent on whether you value speed, comfort, or price the most.

Below are your options for airport transfers from Linate.

Bus from Milan Linate Airport to Milan
The only option for public transportation from Milan Linate airport is a bus, as there are no trains from Linate Airport to Milan. You can choose either a public bus or a coach to get you to the city, and details about both can be found here.

Taxi from Milan Linate Airport to Milan
Taxis from Linate airport to the city center are a good idea if you are in a hurry, have large bags, or are traveling with several people. You can learn more about pricing and other details here.

Car Rental at Milan Linate Airport
If your trip to Italy requires you to travel to destinations outside of Milan, renting a car at Linate airport is a good option. Several major car rental companies have offices there, and you can find out more details about the booking process here.