Getting from Milan Malpensa airport to Milan is easy, and you have several different options to choose from when you arrive in Italy. Your choice depends on whether you value speed, cost, or comfort the most, and whether you are traveling with large bags.

Below are the details of various options for getting from the airport to the city.

Bus from Milan Malpensa Airport to Milan
Malpensa airport buses are a fast, cheap way to get from your flight to your final destination in the city center. Buses are comfortable and have large luggage holds, so even passengers with a lot of bags can feel confident taking them. You can learn more about this option here.

Train from Milan Malpensa Airport to Milan
Trains from the airport to the city’s main railway stations are a good way to travel if your final destination is near one of the stations, or if you have onward train connections when you arrive in Milan. Express trains depart regularly from the airport train station. You can read more about your options for airport trains here.

Taxi from Milan Malpensa Airport to Milan
If you are in a hurry, have large bags, or are traveling with other people, taxis can be a good way to get from Malpensa airport to Milan. They are more expensive than the other options, but also more comfortable and convenient. You can learn more about them here.

Car Rental at Milan Malpensa Airport
If your trip to Italy requires travel outside of Milan, renting a car at the airport is a good idea. Many large international companies offer car hire there, so it is easy to find a car that suits your needs. You can find out more about rental cars at Malpensa airport here.